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Molecular Diagnostics

Goffin Molecular Technologies is a dynamic company based in the Netherlands, covering the BeNeLux, and has many different high quality products from various manufacturers in the field of molecular diagnostics in their product portfolio.
Molecular Diagnostics

Our goal is to play an increasingly important role in molecular diagnostics in and outside the BeNeLux for our own developed products and in the Benelux for distributor based equipment and products. This requires intensive collaboration with our customers, various research centers but also manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

Thanks to our close cooperation with universities, health centers and hospitals, we are able to respond quickly and adequately  to the needs of the market. New ideas can be quickly developed and implemented into the market.

The EMMD 2017

This year we attended to the EMMD. This to show our new and most popular products. we want to thank everybody from the organisation and everybody that attended to the EMMD. We really appreciated the enthusiasm about our new products and the interesting talks about all the new developments regarding your experiences with our products.

Alpha Thalassemia StripAssay

The JBZ accompanied us with the Alpha Thalassemia StripAssay from ViennaLab. JBZ wrote a paper on the comparison between their in-house PCR assay and the StripAssay from ViennaLab. The Alpha Thalassemia StripAssay tests on 21 instead of 7 mutations with gel electroforesis. Due to the StripAssay technology it is easier to put more mutations in one assay.

SelectNA Plus

This year we brought the SelectNa Plus with us. Molzym’s expert from the SelectNA Plus was present. She answered allot of questions about the SelectNA Plus. The SelectNA Plus is a full automated approach for selective lysis of human cells and degradation of released human DNA followed by isolation of purified microbial DNA.


A newcommer this year was the CeliaScan, a Celiac disease (Coeliakie) real-time PCR kit developed by TubaScan. The CeliaScan is able to distinguish HLA-DQ2.2 from HLA-DQ2.5 and HLA-DQ2.5 homozygotes from HLA-DQ2.5 heterozygotes. The CeliaScan is fast and has a fully automated online results analysis tool.

Presto 500

Our very own presto 500 CT/NG kit for open automated systems was also present. The Presto 500 saves up to 80% on dead volume, is as cost efficient as your in-house assay and is able to distinguish high positive CT or NG from low NG or CT in double-infections due to selectors.

For more specific information send your request to info@goffinmt.com

AJA Ukas