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Last update: Wednesday 15th of May 2018

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DNA/RNA isolation in 3 minutes! Arcis Biotechnology

Arcis Biotechnology is focused on providing fast and convenient nucleic acid sample preparation solutions.

In less than 3 minutes with no prior sample preparation the Arcis Sample Prep range of products allow users to quickly and conveniently go from biological material to downstream nucleic acid investigation using PCR, qPCR, RT-qPCR or sequencing without the need for traditional isolation or purification.

The fast and convenient protocol uses a simple 2 step process that enables you to go from sample to amplifiable DNA or RNA in under 3 minutes. The kits are available as two bulk tubes (48 reactions) for pre-analytical processing of a variety of samples including whole blood, bacteria and viruses and is designed for standalone kit use or OEM integration with sample preparation or assay development manufacturers.


  • The kit is compatible with a number of downstream applications
  • Does not require heating or centrifugation
  • Stabilizes DNA for up to 30 days at ambient temperature
  • Very interesting price
  • Sample PCR ready in 3 minutes
  • Single pre-mixed lysis solution ready for use and stable at room temperature
  • Universal nucleic acid purification system for pathogens: the same kit can be used for both DNA and RNA downstream applications

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Please contact us if you would like to receive a fee sample kit. 

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AJA Ukas