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We at Goffin Molecular Technologies are a dynamic company based in the Netherlands. We cover the BeNeLux, and have many different high quality products from various manufacturers in the field of molecular diagnostics.

Our goal is to play an increasingly important role in Molecular Diagnosticsmolecular diagnostics. In the BeNeLux we support our manufacturers products, outside we support our own presto kits. This requires intensive collaboration with our customers, various research centers but also manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

Our unique technologies

The ViennaLab StripAssays

The ViennaLab StripAssays are based on reverse-hybridization. Even with lower sample numbers the StripAssays are viable for your laboratory. All StripAssays are run on the same protocol. Cystic Fibrosis, Alpha Thalasamia, Haemachromatosis
and HLA-B27 all in one run? No problem!

The Molysis Technology 

PCR RelatedThe Molysis technology uses targeted isolation of microbial DNA from clinical samples. with human DNA depletion the molysis technology is ideal for 16s, 18s and 23s purposes. All reagents are DNA free.

Our newest assets 

Celiac Disease (Coeliakie) Real-Time PCR Kit

The new Celiac Disease kit is an easy way to use multiplex Real-time PCR Assay and Melting Curve Analysis for the in vitro detection of strongly Celiac Disease-associated human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-DQ2.5, HLA-DQ2.2, and HLA-DQ8. 

Presto TV 200 Real-Time PCR kit

The newest asset to the Presto kits. The Presto TV 200 is highly innovative, technically reliable and robust detection method for Trichomonas vaginalis (TV). Our CE-IVD certified Real-Time PCR kit detects TV within 60 minutes. The Presto TV can be used in open systems just like the Presto CT/NG 500.



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