Molecular Diagnostics

NVMM 27-28 March 2018

Team Goffin during NVMM meeting 2018

Goffin Molecular Technologies is a dynamic company based in the Netherlands and represents many different high quality products from various manufacturers in the field of molecular diagnostics.


Our goal is to play an increasingly important role in molecular diagnostics. In the BeNeLux we support our manufacturers products, outside we support our own presto kits. This requires intensive collaboration with our customers, various research centers but also manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.





The easy way to test for Haemochromatosis using established innovations in diagnostics

Classical or type 1 haemochromatosis is caused by mutations in the HFE gene. Less common non-HFE related forms of haemochromatosis are due to mutations in other genes involved in iron metabolism, such as Transferrin Receptor 2 (TFR2) and Ferroportin (FPN1). As they all code for proteins with an important role in regulating body iron stores, mutated forms can lead to iron accumulation in tissues and organs and can ultimately disrupt their normal functions.

The Haemochromatosis StripAssays® offer an easy way to identify the most common mutations in genes contributing to hereditary iron overload. Established innovations in diagnostics by ViennaLab thus aid in the early identification and effective therapy.


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AJA Ukas