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Liquid profiling

First real-time PCR assay for monitoring lung cancer patients
ViennaLab is now releasing the first real-time PCR assay for monitoring lung cancer patients eligible to the alternative treatment with Osimertinib (Tagrisso) due to acquired resistance to EGFR-tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) therapy: EGFR T790M RealFast Assay.

Significant improvement of PCR sensitivity by removal of human DNA

Human DNA causes unspecific signals and an enormous loss of sensitivity during the PCR analysis of pathogen bacteria in clinical materials. With the MolYsis technology, quantitative human DNA is removed for more than 99% in all materials (tissue, blood, BAL, CSF, etc.)! More……


  • Removal of human DNA
  • Enrichment of microbial (pathogen) DNA
  • Fully automation possible (SelectNA Plus)
  • Applicable for all materials
  • Unique technology not used anywhere else
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DNA/RNA isolation in 3 minutes!

No centrifuge steps | No heating | High yield | Only 3 minutes | only a pipet is needed

In less than 3 minutes (!) with no prior sample preparation, no futher equipment nescessary like centrifuge or heating block, the Arcis Sample Prep range of products allow users to quickly and conveniently go from biological material to downstream nucleic acid investigation. More……

First reactions from the Netherlands:

  • “I always have doubts about such fast extractions, but this extraction kit really works!”
  • ” Ideal way of rapid reprocessing of culture media in which we precult MRSA for PCR”
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