Goffin Molecular Diagnostics Technologies is a dynamic company based in the Netherlands and has many different high quality products from various manufacturers in the field of molecular diagnostics in their product portfolio.  

Our goal is to play an increasingly important role in molecular diagnostics in and outside the BeNeLux for our own developed products and in the Benelux for distributor based equipment and products. This requires intensive collaboration with our customers, various research centers but also manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.


Goffin Molecular Technologies

Thanks to our close cooperation with universities, health centers and hospitals, we are able to respond quickly and adequately  to the needs of the market. New ideas can be quickly developed and implemented into the market.

After the development of several unique and reliable assays for sexually transmitted diseases, we will continue to focus on new market needs. Because of the succes of our STD multiplex kits, we are currently looking for distributors for the expanding of our Presto and Presto Plus real-time PCR assay!



In addition to the M. genitalium resistance test, SpeeDx has an antibiotic-resistance test for gonorrhea in its research pipeline, as well as one for carbapenem resistant-enterobacteriaceae. On the PlexPCR line, the firm is developing a respiratory virus detection kit that includes influenza A and B, respiratory syncytial virus, human metapneumovirus, adenovirus, rhinovirus, and parainfluenza virus.




SpeeDx Mycoplasma genitalium Resistance kit is the first commercially available qPCR test to combine Mycoplasma genitalium identification and information on macrolide resistance!

The M. genitalium ResistancePlus kit is a single well test for identification of Mycoplasma genitalium via MgPa gene and detection of 5 23S SNPs associated with macrolide resistance, Internal control is included to monitor extraction and amplification steps.

Watch the unique PlexZyme technology behind SpeeDx click here.


PCR Related


Fast and precise culture-independent diagnosis by fully automated pathogen enrichment

 Micro-Dx is the first walk-away automation for selective pathogen DNA extraction, combined with broad-range species identification for daily clinical practice. 

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Intron Biotechnology just introduced the brand new product guide which is available now on-online. This handy guide gives you all information about available Plasmid & Probe DNA, Genomic DNA, Buffers & Columns, Mastermixes, TaqPolymerases, etc.etc.

Check out the 2016 product list brochure!

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