SepsiTest – UMD


SepsiTest – UMD Universal Microbe Detection combines DNA extraction, PCR/real-time PCR detection and sequence analysis to identify the etiological agents of a variety of infections of the body. In particular, UMD aids in the rapid and reliable analysis of meningitis, pneumonia, infections of the respiratory tract, septic arthritis and other diseases brought about by bacteria and fungi. Evaluations show that Sepsitest – UMD is a valuable tool when one is faced with cases under strong suspect of an infection but cultures stay negative due to antibiotic treatment of the patient or fastidious organisms that fail to grow in the culture medium.


  • CE-IVD marked for in-vitro diagnostic use
  • Broad application: e.g., CSF, BAL, pus, synovial, ascites, tissues and other aspirate fluids
  • Infection detected after 4 hours
  • Universal microbe detection/identification of bacteria and fungi
  • Detection of culture-negative infections (antibiotic treatment)
  • Sequencing primers for sequence analysis included
  • PCR positive controls included

 Key Product Features 

  • Easy to handle
  • Flexible: 1 – 12 samples per run
  • Various sample types (any liquid and tissue)
  • Guaranteed DNA-free reagents
  • Contamination-free sample processing
  • UV decontamination of instrument
  • Saving valuable lab time


All Purpose Universal Micro Detection Kit

Sepsitest-UMD Removal Human DNA all samplesU-010-02424 reactions
Sepsitest-UMD Removal Human DNA all samplesU-010-04848 reactions
Sepsi-Test-UMD Add-on 10 for volumes up to 10mlU-120-02424 reactions
SepsiTest-UMD Add-on 10 for volumes up to 10mlU-120-04848 reactions


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