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Chimerism dPCR Kit

Short description

Precision in Transplant Monitoring

Imegen® Quimera dPCR is a cutting-edge kit designed for the absolute quantification of hematopoietic chimerisms post-transplant. Utilizing digital PCR technology, it identifies informative polymorphisms with unparalleled precision. Compatible with various samples like peripheral blood and bone marrow, it promises high sensitivity with a limit of detection at 0.01%. Compatible across multiple dPCR platforms, this kit ensures rapid, accurate results, streamlining post-transplant monitoring. Essential for professionals in molecular biology, it’s a breakthrough in transplant diagnostics.


Product highlights

  • Absolute Quantification
  • Informative Polymorphisms
  • Diverse Sample Types
  • Broad Compatibility
  • High Sensitivity
  • User-friendly Protocol

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Chimerism dPCR Kit



Instructions for Use

Imegen® Quimera dPCR


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Specifications of the Chimerism dPCR Kit

Imegen® Quimera dPCR: The Future of Hematopoietic Chimerism Analysis

Allogenic transplantation has revolutionized the treatment of various conditions. Monitoring molecular chimerisms following these transplants is essential in overseeing progression and in anticipating potential risks such as relapse, rejection, or graft-versus-host disease. Enter the game-changing product, Imegen® Quimera dPCR.

What is Imegen® Quimera dPCR?

The Imegen® Quimera dPCR system stands as a breakthrough in molecular diagnostics. Utilizing digital PCR (dPCR), it targets the detection of hematopoietic chimerisms during the post-transplant period. This technique partitions a sample into 20,000 segments, allowing for precise absolute quantification. Focused on informative polymorphisms, including INDELs (insertions/deletions) and null alleles, this technology can determine both the absolute amount of the marker and its relative quantity compared to total genomic DNA in the sample.

How Does It Operate?

Before dPCR implementation, it is paramount to select the informative polymorphisms for each transplant case. Two references have been validated for this purpose: Imegen® Quimera Screening Multiplex Plus (IMG-116-26) and Imegen® Quimera Screening Multiplex Plus II (IMG-116-25). Once an informative marker is selected, it can be utilized for patient transplant follow-up.

Technical Specifications

The Imegen® Quimera dPCR system boasts the following features:

  • Purpose: Quantification of informative markers for hematopoietic chimerism tracking.
  • Sample Type: Genomic DNA from peripheral blood, bone marrow, and cell subtypes.
  • DNA Quantity: 75 ng (BioRad) and 150 ng (Thermo Fisher Scientific).
  • Quantification Limit: 0.05%
  • Reactions per Sample: 1
  • Target Count: 2

Moreover, the system is compatible with leading dPCR platforms such as the QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR System (Thermo Fisher Scientific), QuantStudio Absolute Q PCR System (Thermo Fisher Scientific), and QX200™ Droplet Digital™ PCR System (Bio Rad).


The significance of accurate and timely detection of molecular chimerisms post-allogenic transplants cannot be overstated. The Imegen® Quimera dPCR system offers a promising tool that delivers the precision and efficiency required for such analyses. For molecular biology professionals striving for excellence in transplant monitoring, this product is indispensable.

Components of the Chimerism dPCR Kit

Specific Master-Mix X: This includes specific oligonucleotides and labeled probes.

Note: In the “X” in “Specific Master-Mix X”, it can refer to any of the listed markers, which range from RhD, Q116-6I, Q116-3I, and so on, as mentioned in the provided material safety data sheet.

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