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Liquid Biopsy OncoKit

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Precision in Every Drop: Unpacking the Liquid Biopsy OncoKit

The Liquid Biopsy OncoKit is a specialized tool for lung cancer diagnosis and monitoring. Using just 10 ng of ctDNA, it employs Next-Generation Sequencing to identify key mutations for personalized treatment. The kit offers a broad diagnostic scope, including multi-gene sequencing, hotspot detection, and fusion gene capture.

It’s not just a product, but a transformative shift in cancer diagnostics, setting a new standard for efficiency and precision.

Product highlights

  • Next-Generation Sequencing
  • Multi-Gene Analysis
  • Minimal ctDNA Required
  • ISO 9001 Compliant

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Liquid Biopsy OncoKit



Instructions for Use

MSDS Liquid Biopsy OncoKit


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Specifications of the Liquid Biopsy OncoKit

In-Depth Analysis, One Drop at a Time: The Liquid Biopsy OncoKit Explained

The Liquid Biopsy OncoKit is engineered specifically for patients affected by lung cancer. Utilizing cutting-edge Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), the kit is capable of detecting key mutations that are predictive of response to treatment. This enables highly personalized treatment plans and allows for early detection of resistance and relapse.

The beauty of Liquid Biopsy OncoKit lies in its ability to conduct a single test using just a minimal 10 ng of ctDNA, offering a comprehensive snapshot that is crucial for targeted therapy. It can detect mutations that may emerge as resistance mechanisms or through clonal evolution, making it invaluable both for initial diagnosis and monitoring treatment outcomes.

Integrated Features for Comprehensive Analysis

Multi-Gene Sequencing
The kit sequences entire exonic regions of 13 critical genes—ALK, BRAF, EGFR, and so on, giving an in-depth analysis of these critical biomarkers.

Hotspot Regions
It also targets hotspot regions of NTRK1 and NTRK3 to further broaden the spectrum of actionable mutations.

Fusion Gene Capture
For fusion gene identification, all possible rearrangements are covered. The covered intronic regions have been identified through exhaustive literature reviews, ensuring a thorough capture.

Copy Number Variations (CNVs)
Our kit goes beyond mutations and rearrangements. It also detects CNVs across the genome, thanks to a sophisticated low-density SNP array.

The Last Word: How the Liquid Biopsy OncoKit is Changing the Standard of Care

With the Liquid Biopsy OncoKit, we’re not just offering a product; we’re offering a paradigm shift in the way cancer is diagnosed and treated. Our kit combines efficiency, precision, and a comprehensive approach, setting a new benchmark in cancer diagnostics. Isn’t it time you brought this revolutionary technology into your laboratory?

For a future where every second counts, choose precision. Choose the Liquid Biopsy OncoKit.

Components of the Liquid Biopsy OncoKit

The kit is equipped with reagents for 24 reactions, including:

  • Reagents Plate1: Plate with all the reagents required to perform the DNA end repair, the
    Illumina adapters linkage, and amplifications done during the library preparation protocol.
  • Beads and Buffers plate: Plate with magnetic particles and wash buffers, required for the DNA
    capture and its purification during the library preparation protocol.
  • Index: Oligonucleotides with a unique 8 nucleotides identifier sequence compatible with the
    illumina adapters required to identify each sample during library preparation and NGS
    sequencing. The kit includes 24 different indexes, prepared in single-use strips.
  • Targeted Liquid Biopsy Probes Strip: Biotinylated synthetic oligonucleotides complementary
    to the target regions of the target genes.
  • Elution Buffer: Buffer used to elute the DNA

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