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BRCA OncoKitDx

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BRCA OncoKitDx: The Genetic Shield

Detect both germline and somatic variants in the critical BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes with our advanced BRCA OncoKitDx. Designed for medical professionals in the molecular biology sector, this in vitro diagnostic tool employs Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) to analyze DNA from both peripheral blood and tumor tissues.

With over 99% sensitivity and specificity, it sets a new standard for reliable, comprehensive cancer risk assessment.

Product highlights

  • NGS
  • Germline & Somatic
  • Dual Variant Detection
  • Blood & Tissue Ready


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BRCA OncoKitDx



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Specifications of the BRCA OncoKitDx

The Next-Gen Tool: BRCA OncoKitDx

Navigating the complex landscape of cancer genetics necessitates precise, reliable, and high-throughput technologies. Enter the BRCA OncoKitDx — a meticulously crafted kit optimized for the detection of both germline and somatic variants related to breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility. Ideal for molecular biology professionals, the kit excels in quality and compliance, meeting stringent ISO standards.

Breast cancer remains the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women, with a risk rate exceeding 10%. Approximately 5-10% of these cases are hereditary, stemming from mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes. The BRCA OncoKitDx goes beyond standard diagnostics, offering in-depth, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based analyses that cover coding regions, splice sites, and small insertions and deletions within the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.

Cutting-Edge Features
Precision Genomics: Utilizes multiplex PCR and NGS technology for highly accurate, high-throughput analysis.
Versatile Applications: Ideal for genomic DNA extracted from both peripheral blood and paraffin-embedded tissue samples.
Streamlined Workflow: 40 ng DNA requirement, making the process both efficient and economically viable.
Coverage & Sensitivity: Boasts >99% sensitivity and specificity, providing reliable, reproducible results.
Quality Certified: Meets UNE-EN ISO 13485:2018 Medical Devices standards, testifying to its high quality.

Our kit’s robustness is underscored by rigorous validation protocols involving reference DNA samples. Whether it’s genomic DNA from peripheral blood or paraffin-embedded tissue, the BRCA OncoKitDx ensures a uniform coverage, with a sequencing depth of 100X and 1000X respectively. This translates to >99% sensitivity and specificity, along with unparalleled repeatability and reproducibility.

Beyond the Test
Pharmacogenetics is revolutionizing the way we approach cancer treatment. The BRCA OncoKitDx not only identifies at-risk individuals but also opens doors for targeted therapies, paving the way for personalized medicine. It stands as a vital tool for healthcare professionals in the molecular biology sector aiming to make strides in cancer diagnostics and treatment.

Components of the BRCA OncoKitDx

The kit contents the necessary reagents to perform 16 reactions. The reagents included in the kit are the following:

  • General Master Mix III: General PCR master mix with the quantities of enzyme,
    nucleotides and buffer needed to perform the amplification reactions.
  • BRCA Plus Buffer: Contains MgCl2 at the concentration needed to perform the
    amplification reactions.
  • Nuclease free water for PCR reactions.
  • Pool A and Pool B PCR: Contain the oligonucleotides needed to carry out the
    amplification of the kit’s target regions.
  • Index: Oligonucleotides used in the second PCR reaction with a unique sequence
    of 8 nucleotides, compatible with the Illumina adapters. These are necessary to
    mark the libraries of each sample with a unique combination that will allow its
    analysis and discrimination after sequencing. The kit includes the indexes
    required for simultaneous sequencing of 32 samples.

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