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VeriDose DPYD panel

Short description

VeriDose® DPYD Panel – Pioneering Customized Oncology Care

The VeriDose® DPYD Panel is a transformative genetic test crafted to detect individuals with DPD deficiencies, impacting the metabolism of select chemotherapy agents. This innovative approach empowers clinicians to tailor treatments, enhancing patient safety and outcomes.

By understanding these genetic nuances, the future of cancer therapy is more personalized than ever

Product highlights

  • Targeted Screening
  • Clinical Relevance
  • Versatility in Testing
  • Multiplex detection
  • Insight into DPD deficiency
  • Enhancing Personalized Treatment

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VeriDose DPYD panel




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Specifications of the VeriDose DPYD panel

Exploring the VeriDose® DPYD Panel from Agena

The VeriDose® DPYD Panel emerges as an avant-garde solution for accurate detection of dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD) enzyme functionality variations. Its brilliance lies in its capability to concurrently detect a set of 9 DPYD variants associated with an increased risk of severe toxicity. Such a multiplexed detection system accelerates the diagnostic process, yielding decisive results efficiently.

A distinguishing feature of this panel is its integrated positive control system. Mimicking a heterozygous genotype, this control serves a dual purpose. It not only guarantees the impeccable functioning of the PCR system but also aids in streamlining the qualitative analysis interpretation.

Efficiency and Integration

  • Streamlined Laboratory Workflow: Detecting multiple DPYD variants in a single PCR reaction dramatically enhances laboratory productivity.
  • Synchronized Analysis Capability: Its ability to function either stand-alone or in tandem with other pharmacogenetic panels ensures a cohesive approach to analysis.


Quality Assurance

  • Compliance with Leading Standards: While the exact standards would be proprietary to Agena, one could expect rigorous adherence to industry standards, ensuring top-notch quality.
  • Positive Control Inclusion: The integration of a simulated heterozygous genotype assures that the PCR system operates without hitches and aids in refining qualitative analysis interpretation.


Precision and Application

  • Purpose-Built Design: Crafted explicitly for pharmacogenetic purposes, it amplifies specificity and accuracy in detecting DPD enzyme functionality variations.

In Closing: Pioneering Precise DPYD Variant Detection

In summation, as pharmacogenetic analysis advances, tools like the VeriDose® DPYD Panel are at the forefront. This innovative product epitomizes not only scientific progression but also represents the future of precise and streamlined laboratory diagnostics.

For laboratory professionals navigating the choices of pharmacogenetic investigative tools, understanding the virtues of this panel is crucial. It presents a harmonious combination of efficiency, compliance, precision, and versatility—attributes highly valued in contemporary laboratories.

Amid the vast array of scientific equipment and tools, the VeriDose® DPYD Panel stands distinguished. It not only exemplifies the significant strides made in laboratory science but also the promising trajectory it is set upon.

Components of the VeriDose DPYD panel
  • PCR Reagents
  • Positive and Negative Control Samples
  • Buffers and Solutions
  • Array/Chip
  • Instructions for use

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