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Looking for the right treatment is key!

Looking for the right treatment is key! Why should you suffer with lack of vital information to cure a patient when there is a technology available to do so in a timely and cost-effective way? When culture and PCR are

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Molzym MDx Test System

MDx Test System: Why adopt it in? Molzym produces reagent kits and they deliver automated extraction devices. The SelectNA™ plus is an automated instrument that can be used for de enrichment and extraction of microbial DNA. It can extract DNA

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Viennalabs new NGS Assays

The new NGS assays from ViennaLab ViennaLab created a whole new workflow in DNA to report diagnostics. The 2-step PCR-based technique is designed to enrich targets for bacterial classifications based on the 16S rRNA sequence. First regions of intrests are

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