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Molecular Diagnostic Solutions

Building Tomorrow’s Diagnostics with Goffin Molecular Technologies


We are your go-to supplier for high-end genetics solutions. Partnering with industry leaders like Viennalab, Healthincode, and Agena, we offer unparalleled quality and innovation in genetics. Trust Goffin for your advanced lab needs.

Infectious Diseases

From our in-house developed unique STI kits to our partnership with renowned brands like Geneproof, FlashDX, BioSynex and Viennalab, we offer a comprehensive array of diagnostic solutions. With Goffin shaping the future of infectious disease diagnostics.


Goffin is your ultimate source for cutting-edge pharmacogenetics (PGx) solutions. In collaboration with industry giants like Viennalab, Healthincode, and Agena, we set the standard for excellence and innovation in PGx. 


We offer a range of pre-analytical products, notably featuring Molzym’s specialized kits. Molzym’s product line is known for its focus on eliminating microbial contamination, making it a go-to choice for NGS applications and DNA extraction. 

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Explore new tools with Piplab

Introducing Piplab, your trusted supplier of premium lab consumables, including top-quality plastics like pipettes and well plates. As a specialized spin-off from Goffin Molecular Technologies, we’re rapidly becoming the go-to source for labs seeking unmatched quality. Our unique market proposition ensures that we stand out as a supplier you need to know about. Partner with Piplab for a reliable, top-quality supply chain that empowers labs to achieve excellence in research and diagnostics. 

Enter The World Of

Step into the next frontier of healthcare with Goffin Molecular Technologies, your definitive partner in pharmacogenetics (PGx). Specializing in advanced diagnostic kits and leveraging strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Viennalab, Healthincode, Hearthgenetics, and Agena, we offer an integrated approach to personalized medicine. With our years of experience and commitment to innovation, choosing Goffin means you’re aligned with a leader that’s shaping the future of pharmacogenetic healthcare.

Unique double
infection detection
Enhanced capability for identifying double infections: Utilize selectors to ensure robust detection of dual infections, a phenomenon often missed by alternative CT/NG kits.

Homebrew pricing,
made in The Netherlands
Offering the best possible product for an unbeatable price enables it to be accessible to all laboratories worldwide, don’t settle for less!

The Gold Standard in STI Detection


Stay Ahead in Healthcare with Presto: Unrivaled STI Diagnostic Solutions! Discover Presto’s Gold Standard Kits for Accurate Detection & Care. Our Cutting-Edge Technology Ensures Precision, Empowering Effective Treatment and Disease Prevention

Unique (bacterial)
Isolation Amplification Control
Complete control of any inhibition of PCR reaction itself by optimized competitive PCR IAC on identical primer sites and target sequences for CT and NG.

Exceptional robustness
The kit’s exceptional robustness and reliability means it is the first choice for laboratory technicians in the most demanding medical circumstances.


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