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Chimerism Multiplex Plus I Kit

Short description

Elevate Transplant Outcomes with the Chimerism Multiplex Plus I Kit

The Chimerism Multiplex Plus I Kit is an industry-leading diagnostic tool designed for meticulous molecular chimerism analysis post-allogenic transplantation. The kit offers simultaneous analysis of 16 INDEL markers and its flexibility extends to various sample types, including peripheral blood and bone marrow.

By leveraging real-time PCR technology and specialized bioinformatics software, the kit sets a new standard in post-transplant care and medical intervention.

Product highlights

  • Real-Time PCR
  • 16 INDEL Markers
  • 0.01% Detection Limit
  • High Specificity


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Chimerism Multiplex Plus I Kit



Instructions for Use

MSDS Chimerism Multiplex Plus I Kit


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Specifications of the Chimerism Multiplex Plus I Kit

Chimerism Multiplex Plus I Kit: A New Benchmark in Post-Transplant Monitoring

The Chimerism Multiplex Plus I Kit is an exemplary diagnostic tool engineered to provide unparalleled accuracy in molecular chimerism analysis following allogenic stem cell and organ transplantation.

The Chimerism Multiplex Plus I Kit employs real-time PCR technology to deliver relative quantification of a variety of molecular markers. When combined with the Multiplex Plus II, it broadens the scope to 33 markers, providing an expansive and precise dataset beneficial for informing post-transplant medical interventions. Furthermore, the kit adheres to ISO 13485:2018 quality standards, substantiating its technical reliability.

Key Features for Modern Labs

Rapid & Robust Screening
– High Throughput Analysis: Simultaneous evaluation of 16 INDELs allows for comprehensive monitoring, streamlining multiple tests into a single run.
– Universal Reference: Leverages the SRY and RhD markers as built-in controls, simplifying the overall assay and reducing errors.

Quality Assured
– ISO 13485:2018 Certification: Adheres to the stringent quality management systems, assuring you get a dependable and compliant kit.
– Built-In Reliability Checks: Incorporated positive controls and a 0.01% limit of detection ensure every test’s validity.

Versatility & Specificity
– Customizable Marker Assessment: Individualized marker selection provides a tailored approach to each transplant scenario.
– Sample Flexibility: Validated for genomic DNA from peripheral blood or bone marrow, the kit is designed for wide clinical application.

The Future is Now

In an ever-advancing medical diagnostic landscape, the Chimerism Multiplex Plus I Kit stands as a cornerstone of precision and efficiency. It transcends its role as a mere analytical tool to serve as a commitment to advancing the standard of patient care in the post-transplantation arena.

Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with the Chimerism Multiplex Plus I Kit — a strategic investment for any laboratory committed to leading-edge patient care.

Components of the Chimerism Multiplex Plus I Kit

The kit contians the necessary reagents to perform 10 reactions. The reagents included in the kit are the following:

  • Specific Master-Mix: Specific oligonucleotides and labelled probes

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