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Factor II dPCR kit

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Decoding the F2 Gene: The Power of Factor II dPCR Kit

The Factor II dPCR Kit provides a sophisticated tool for studying the F2 gene, essential for producing prothrombin. This kit’s digital PCR diagnostic assay uses a combination of oligonucleotides and fluorescent probes to detect both the F2 wild type and its mutant genotype in one go. The distinct labeling of each genotype ensures clear results, with the wild type serving as a DNA quality control.

The kit emphasizes precision, using genomic DNA (gDNA) as its preferred sample and having a remarkable detection limit of 10 ng of gDNA.

Product highlights

  • Digital PCR
  • Multiplexing
  • Endpoint PCR
  • ISO 9001 compliance

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Factor II dPCR kit



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Specifications of the Factor II dPCR kit

Factor II dPCR Kit – Advanced Genomic Analysis for Molecular Biologists

At the crossroads of genomic research lies the ability to understand and discern the minutiae of our DNA. The F2 gene, located on chromosome 11p11.2, is one such region of interest due to its role in the production of prothrombin or coagulation factor II. The Imegen-Factor II dPCR Kit offers a precise, efficient, and advanced tool for molecular biologists aiming to study this particular genetic sequence and its variants.

The heart of the Factor II dPCR Kit is its digital PCR diagnostic assay. It employs a meticulous combination of oligonucleotides and fluorescent hydrolysis probes. This design facilitates the simultaneous amplification and detection of the F2 wild type (20210G) and its frequent mutant genotype (20210A).

The genius of this approach is its multiplexing capability. Molecular biologists can, in a single reaction, detect the presence or absence of these genotypes. With each target distinctly labeled using a specific fluorophore, it ensures unequivocal interpretation of results. The inclusion of the wild type (20210G) acts as a valuable control for DNA quality and integrity.

Features Tailored for Research
Genomic Focus: The assay specifically targets the genotype within the germline, providing precise and targeted insights. The preferred sample for such analyses is genomic DNA (gDNA), with each reaction consuming 30 ng of gDNA.

Endpoint PCR Assay: This feature aids in quantifying the target’s copy number through digital PCR. It’s worth noting that the assay’s validation stems from gDNA samples and certified synthetic vectors from GenScript, underscoring its robustness.

Equipment Specifications: Utilization of the Factor II dPCR dry kit necessitates a digital PCR system that’s compatible with FAM™ and VIC® (HEX) fluorescence channels.

Sample Precision: The genomic DNA extracted from peripheral blood is ideal for this analysis, demanding 60 ng per assay. The kit’s sensitivity is noteworthy, boasting a detection limit of just 10 ng of gDNA.

Quality and Compliance:
For researchers, consistency and reliability are non-negotiable. With the Imegen-Factor II dPCR Kit, molecular biologists receive an instrument that aligns with the demanding standards of ISO 9001, reflecting both in its manufacturing methodology and the materials chosen.

Conclusion: The Future Unraveled with Factor II dPCR
In the dynamic landscape of genomic research, the Factor II dPCR Kit stands as a game-changer. Crafted with precision and powered by cutting-edge technology, this tool beckons molecular biologists to a realm of unprecedented insights into the F2 gene. For scientists hungry for discovery, here lies your next frontier. Embrace the future; the genetic odyssey awaits.


Components of the Factor II dPCR kit

The kit is equipped with reagents for 48 reactions, including:

  • Factor II Master Mix: Lyophilised master mix containing the oligonucleotides and hydrolysis
    probes for the multiplexed amplification of the wild type and the mutated genotype associated
    to prothrombin. F2 wild type and F2 mutated genotype are labelled with fluorophores VIC® and
    FAM™, respectively.
  • Factor II Control: Aqueous positive control is heterozygous for the G-to-A transition at position
    20210 of the prothrombin gene (20210G>A).

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