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Factor V dPCR dry Kit

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Discover precision genetics with the Factor V dPCR Kit

Unravel the intricacies of inherited thrombophilia with our Factor V dPCR Kit. This advanced solution provides comprehensive genotyping of the c.1601G>A mutation (p.Arg534Gln) in the F5 gene. Using the latest technology and multiplexed fluorophores, it provides accurate genotype detection in a single reaction. The inclusion of a wild-type control ensures DNA quality. Designed for germline analysis, the kit requires only 30 ng of genomic DNA. Backed by rigorous validation, it’s the tool of choice for laboratory professionals who want to unlock genetic insights with confidence. Be at the forefront of genetic research today.

Product highlights

  • Digital PCR
  • F5 Gene Focus
  • Wild Type Control
  • Target Multiplexing


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Factor V dPCR dry Kit



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MSDS Factor V dPCR kit

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Specifications of the Factor V dPCR dry Kit

Factor V dPCR Kit – Precision Redefined in Thrombophilia Genetics

In the dynamic realm of genetics and diagnostic research, the Factor V dPCR Kit shines as a beacon of precision and insight. Crafted for laboratory professionals deeply immersed in the intricacies of molecular biology, this kit unveils the secrets concealed within the F5 gene, a pivotal player in the domain of blood coagulation.

At the core of the Factor V dPCR Kit lies a rigorously validated digital PCR (dPCR) diagnostic assay. This state-of-the-art system harnesses the power of oligonucleotides and fluorescent hydrolysis probes, honing in on the elusive c.1601G>A mutation (p.Arg534Gln) within the F5 gene (factor V). It also includes the wild type control (c.1601G) to ensure the highest quality standards.

Precision at its core

  • Genetic Precision: Delve deep into the F5 gene, unraveling its mysteries with unmatched accuracy and specificity. Each assay requires a mere 30 ng of genomic DNA (gDNA).
  • Validation Excellence: Our kit’s robustness is fortified through extensive validation, involving reference DNA samples and synthetic DNA.
  • Fluorescent Hydrolysis Probes: Harness advanced technology to precisely pinpoint genotypes.
  • Professional Focus: Tailored exclusively for in vitro diagnostics, catering to the discerning needs of molecular biology experts.
  • Equipment Harmony: Seamlessly integrates with real-time PCR systems featuring standard fluorescence channels.
  • Sample Versatility: Genomic DNA extracted from peripheral blood serves as the ideal specimen, preserving sensitivity and specificity.

A New Era in Genetic Analysis with Factor V dPCR Kit

Navigating the intricate web of molecular biology demands tools of utmost precision and unwavering reliability. The Factor V dPCR Kit represents a monumental leap forward in the realm of coagulation genetics analysis. Crafted with unparalleled accuracy and harnessed at the forefront of technological advancements, this diagnostic kit empowers molecular biologists to pioneer uncharted territories in blood coagulation research.

For those poised to lead the charge in personalized medicine and genetic diagnostics, the next chapter in scientific exploration beckons. Embark on an unparalleled journey in molecular biology—your quest for genetic insights begins here. Join us in shaping the future of diagnostics with Factor V dPCR Kit, where precision meets potential, and innovation drives discovery

Components of the Factor V dPCR dry Kit

The kit contains the necessary reagents to perform 48 dPCR determinations. The reagents included in the kit are the following:

  • Factor V Master Mix: Lyophilised master mix containing the oligonucleotides and hydrolysis probes for the multiplexed amplification of the wild type and the mutated genotype associated to Leiden. F5 wild type and F5 mutated genotype are labeled with fluorophores VIC and FAM, respectively.
  • Factor V control: Aqueous positive control is heterozygous for the G- to -A transition at position c.1601 of the Leiden gene (c.1601G>A; p.Arg534Gin)

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