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Hereditary Cardiovascular Diseases

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Genetic Clarity in Cardiac Complexity with CardioKitDx

Delving into the intricate genetic landscape of hereditary cardiovascular diseases, CardioKitDx offers a comprehensive approach with its inclusion of 261 genes related to cardiomyopathies and channelopathies.

Validated on the IlluminaNextSeq 500/550 System with precise molecular barcoding, it aids clinicians in early diagnosis and provides analysts with a dependable tool for accurate genetic insights.

Product highlights

  • NGS sequencing
  • 261 Genes Mapped
  • Illumina System Validated
  • Bioinformatics-Ready Kit

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Hereditary Cardiovascular Diseases



Instructions for Use

MSDS CardioKitDx


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Specifications of the Hereditary Cardiovascular Diseases

CardioKitDx: The Ultimate Genetic Tool for Hereditary Cardiovascular Diseases Analysis

In the ever-evolving landscape of cardiovascular diseases, delving deep into their intricate genetic roots becomes crucial. CardioKitDx stands at the forefront of this exploration, embodying state-of-the-art genetic analysis poised to identify hereditary cardiovascular ailments right from their genesis. These cardiovascular conditions, such as cardiomyopathies and channelopathies, cloak themselves in an enigma. A primary driver behind their diverse clinical manifestations and outcomes is their extensive genetic diversity.

The kit is comprehensive. Boasting 261 genes associated with cardiomyopathy and channelopathy, it ensures all coding regions are captured, not forgetting clinically significant promoters, UTR regions, and in certain cases, deeper intronic areas. These genes cover a broad spectrum of conditions, from Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and Long QT syndrome to Atrial fibrillation, providing an encompassing view of potential genetic concerns. Furthermore, ensuring the accuracy and precision of its results, the kit has undergone rigorous validation. Tested on the esteemed Illumina NextSeq 500/550 System, it uses benchmark DNA samples from the Coriell Institute and genotyped samples from the Health in Code collection. This dedication to precision positions CardioKitDx as a beacon in tomorrow’s diagnostic revolution.

Features of the CardioKitDx

Bioinformatics Compatibility: The kit is attuned to work seamlessly with modern bioinformatics tools. It offers detection capabilities for SNPs, small indels, and copy number variants.

Comprehensive Annotation: Paired with variant annotation and clinical interpretation, it furnishes a holistic perspective of each genetic anomaly.

Molecular Barcoding: A dedicated system to detect cross-contamination and sample swaps, ensuring data integrity at every step.

Clinical Insights & Management

Genetic understanding isn’t just for knowledge’s sake. The insights derived from the CardioKitDx can aid clinicians to:

– Diagnose diseases in their nascent stages.
– Unearth at-risk family members.
– Delineate patients who might not require intensive follow-up.
– Offer prognostic insights for tailored patient care.

Designed primarily for ambiguous clinical scenarios where standard phenotyping falls short, CardioKitDx is a beacon for individuals with a family history of sudden death or syncope with ventricular fibrillation, presenting cardiac arrhythmias as a hallmark.

In Conclusion: The Power of CardioKitDx

CardioKitDx is more than just a product; it’s a commitment to revolutionizing cardiovascular genetic diagnostics. It isn’t merely a tool for your repertoire, but an instrument that holds the promise to change lives, shape clinical practices, and guide future research directions.

With CardioKitDx, dive into the depths of genetic intricacies and emerge with answers that matter. Step into the future of cardiovascular genetics. Step into precision with CardioKitDx.

Components of the Hereditary Cardiovascular Diseases

The kit is equipped with reagents for 16 reactions, including:

  • Fragmentation Buffer: Buffer used for DNA fragmentation, prior to NGS libraries preparation.
  • Fragmentation Enzyme: Enzyme used for DNA fragmentation, prior to NGS libraries preparation.
  • Reagents Plate: Plate with all the reagents required to perform the DNA end repair, the Illumina
    adapters linkage, and amplifications done during the library preparation protocol.
  • Beads and Buffers plate: Plate with magnetic particles and wash buffers, required for the DNA
    capture and its purification during the library preparation protocol.
  • Index: Oligonucleotides with a unique 8 nucleotides identifier sequence compatible with the
    illumina adapters required to identify each sample during library preparation and NGS
    sequencing. The kit includes 16 different indexes, prepared in single-use strips.
  • Cardiovascular Probes Strips: Biotinylated synthetic oligonucleotides complementary to the
    target regions of the target genes.
  • Elution Buffer: Buffer used to elute the DNA.

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