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Inherited NephroKitDx

Short description

Decoding Kidney Genetics with Inherited NephroKitDx

In the realm of nephrology genetics, expertly decoding the genetic complexities of kidney diseases is paramount. Utilizing advanced probe capture technology and the capacity to analyze 529 genes, profound genetic insights are delivered.

The kit is optimized for Illumina’s NextSeq System and upholds the UNE-EN ISO 13485:2018 certification, setting a high standard in genetic diagnostics.

Product highlights

  • NextSeq System
  • 529 genes analysis
  • ISO Standard Compliance
  • High Sensitivity & Specificity


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Inherited NephroKitDx



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MSDS NephroKitDx


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Specifications of the Inherited NephroKitDx

Dive Deeper into the Inherited NephroKitDx

As nephrology genetics takes center stage, the Inherited NephroKitDx comes forth as a holistic solution tailored for the intricate genetic mysteries associated with kidney diseases. The true hallmark of this kit? Its capacity to analyze a whopping 529 genes, illuminating not only the broader genetic spectrum but also the intricate details. The result? A nuanced laboratory workflow where genetic analysis is both extensive and precise.

The kit’s technological prowess doesn’t go unnoticed. Harnessing the potential of advanced probe capture technology, it isn’t just about detection but an in-depth journey into genetic intricacies. Think of it as a bridge between standard practices and the gold standard in genetic detailing.

On the compliance front, the Inherited NephroKitDx is on par with the best. Aligning meticulously with the revered UNE-EN ISO 13485:2018 certification, this is a clear testament to its adherence to quality, both in terms of materials and procedural standards.

Key Features of the Inherited NephroKitDx

Depth and Breadth in Analysis: By capturing 529 genes, the kit offers both scale and depth, making it an indispensable tool in labs.

Seamless Instrument Integration: Designed for optimal compatibility with Illumina’s NextSeq System, making the setup and run process straightforward.

Gold Standard Compliance: Meeting the UNE-EN ISO 13485:2018 standards, the kit ensures consistent and reliable results every time.

Concluding Insights: The Inherent Superiority of Inherited NephroKitDx 

As we survey the evolving landscape of genetic diagnostics, the Inherited NephroKitDx stands out as an exemplar of innovation combined with efficacy. This high-caliber diagnostic tool isn’t just a testament to the advancements in technology; it underscores the next phase of methodical and rigorous laboratory analysis.

For laboratory specialists tasked with choosing unparalleled diagnostic tools for nephrology genetics, it becomes essential to recognize the exceptional benefits of this kit. The Inherited NephroKitDx is distinguished by its unparalleled accuracy, regulatory adherence, user adaptability, and analytic depth — quintessential traits that define the epitome of laboratory excellence.

In summation, within the intricate realm of diagnostic apparatus and methodologies, the Inherited NephroKitDx emerges as the gold standard, serving not merely as an essential diagnostic tool but as the embodiment of the pinnacle in genetic testing proficiency.

Components of the Inherited NephroKitDx

Factor XII Master Mix: Specific oligonucleotides, labelled probes and water reagents for the PCR
General Master Mix*: Conventional PCR enzyme containing 10-30% glycerol and buffers.
Positive Control: Heterozygous positive control for the c.46C>T mutation in F12 gene.

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