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HLA-B27 StripAssay

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The HLA-B27 StripAssay® is a groundbreaking diagnostic tool designed for the precise and timely identification of spondyloarthropathies such as ankylosing spondylitis and reactive arthritis. Utilizing state-of-the-art reverse-hybridization technology, this assay detects the majority of known HLA-B27 variants, offering clinicians an invaluable parameter for effective diagnosis and treatment planning. The kit comes complete with all essential components for an easy-to-follow, three-step procedure. With its high reliability and rapid results visible to the naked eye, the HLA-B27 StripAssay® is not just a product—it’s a transformative solution for healthcare providers and diagnostic labs.

Product highlights

  • Precise Identification
  • Rapid Results
  • User-Friendly
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • High Reliability
  • End-to-End Kit

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HLA-B27 StripAssay



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Specifications of the HLA-B27 StripAssay

Demystifying Spondyloarthropathies with the HLA-B27 StripAssay®

Spondyloarthropathies like ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and reactive arthritis are some of the most elusive medical conditions, often manifesting in vague symptoms that make early diagnosis a formidable challenge. These conditions largely affect the joints and the spine, causing chronic pain and debilitating stiffness. Tragically, a lack of timely diagnosis can lead to irreversible damage, severely affecting a patient’s quality of life. Enter the HLA-B27 StripAssay®, a cutting-edge diagnostic tool that has changed the game in identifying and managing these elusive diseases.

The Genetic Puzzle of HLA-B27

HLA-B27 is an allele highly correlated with spondyloarthropathies, especially AS, which affects up to 1% of the general population. In a medical landscape where a confirmed diagnosis can take 5-10 years post initial symptoms, identifying the presence of the HLA-B27 allele can accelerate this process. The HLA-B27 StripAssay® deciphers this genetic puzzle, identifying most known variants of the HLA-B27 allele, and providing a vital clue in the quest for a definitive diagnosis.

Unveiling the Allelic Variants

The HLA-B27 StripAssay® goes beyond just identifying the presence of the allele. It can recognize a broad spectrum of currently known variants, making it an essential tool for nuanced diagnosis. While it comprehensively covers known variants, the test excludes very few rare alleles, ensuring its robustness and reliability.

The Simplicity of Methodology

The brilliance of the HLA-B27 StripAssay® lies in its three-step process, embodying the best of technology and user-friendliness:

  1. DNA isolation through Lysis Solution and GENXTRACTTM Resin.
  2. PCR amplification using meticulously designed biotinylated primers.
  3. Hybridization of amplified products to a test strip containing specific oligonucleotide probes.

Everything required for the assay is neatly packaged in a user-friendly kit, from Lysis Solution to CollectorTM Sheets, making the diagnostic process straightforward, even for those not specialized in molecular biology.

Precision and Intended Use

Crafted for human in vitro diagnostics, the assay stands as a beacon of reliability and quality. It employs advanced polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and reverse-hybridization techniques to offer unmatched diagnostic accuracy. The test results manifest through a vivid enzymatic color reaction, making them easily interpretable, even without specialized equipment.

The Diagnostic Revolution

The HLA-B27 StripAssay® is not merely a diagnostic product but a complete solution for healthcare providers and diagnostic laboratories. By offering an expansive view into the genetic aspects of spondyloarthropathies, it fills a crucial void in healthcare diagnostics. This leap in diagnostic capability comes at a pivotal time, particularly for conditions that have long puzzled the medical community due to their complex presentation and challenging diagnosis.

By integrating the HLA-B27 StripAssay® into diagnostic workflows, clinicians and diagnostic centers are not just purchasing a product; they are investing in a tool that has the potential to transform the lives of countless patients. With this technological leap, we are edging closer to early and more accurate diagnosis of spondyloarthropathies, opening the door to timely interventions that could redefine the management of these complex conditio

Components of the HLA-B27 StripAssay
  1. Lysis Solution (50 ml)
  2. GENXTRACT™ Resin (5 ml)
  3. Amplification Mix with yellow cap (500 µl)
  4. Taq Dilution Buffer with transparent cap (500 µl)
  5. DNAT with blue cap (1.5 ml)
  6. Typing Trays (3)
  7. Teststrips (20)
  8. Hybridization Buffer with white cap (25 ml)
  9. Wash Solution A with white cap (80 ml)
  10. Conjugate Solution (25 ml)
  11. Wash Solution B (80 ml)
  12. Color Developer (25 ml)
  13. Collector™ Sheet (1)

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