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29 August 2023

Introducing FlashDx Respiratory Panel 1.1: addition of Human Metapneumovirus and Bordetella pertussis

FlashDx’s Respiratory Panel 1.1: Advanced Testing for 11 Pathogens

Experience innovation in Point-of-Care Testing with FlashDx’s upgraded Respiratory Panel 1.1. This enhancement expands diagnostic capabilities, enabling rapid, precise testing for an extended range of pathogens.

Enhanced Pathogen Detection

Respiratory Panel 1.1 now includes the most important 11 pathogens now also Human Metapneumovirus and Bordetalla pertussis!

Effortless Sample Extraction

Revolutionize diagnostics with seamless sample extraction in under a minute. FlashDx simplifies complex procedures, allowing healthcare providers to focus on patient care.

Demo Instruments and Details

Experience the potential of Respiratory Panel 1.1 firsthand. Explore demo instruments for your institution, and discover how this innovation elevates diagnostics. Contact us for demonstrations and further insights.


FlashDx’s Respiratory Panel 1.1 redefines diagnostic excellence. With expanded pathogen coverage and user-friendly features, it empowers healthcare providers. Embrace this breakthrough for enhanced patient care.


Click here to download the newest brochure about the Respiratory Panel 1.1

Respiratory 11 pathogen panel

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